Stakeholder Management & Customer Engagement For Highways Projects

Sonar Engagement is an innovative agency that exclusively supplies Public Liaison Officers (PLO’s) to the
highways and construction industry.
Sonar Engagement are professionalising the role of PLO’s by providing quality training and by recruiting
people with proven backgrounds in neighbourhood management, problem solving and communication skills.
Experience shows that success of any construction project depends on contractors and developers
establishing a relationship of trust with stakeholders and local communities. Stakeholder management and
community engagement is a fundamental core competency requirement for any project.

Sonar Engagement specialises in:
• Designing and implementing customer and stakeholder management plans
• Providing an ongoing cycle of engagement, Identifying risks and problem solving
• Collaborating with media departments to raise awareness of key project messages
• Providing a high level of customer complaint resolution / satisfaction
• Developing and delivering corporate and social responsibility plans (CSR)
• Providing clients with valuable data and evidence of engagement

Paul Valentine, Director, SONAR ENGAGEMENT

BREAKING NEWS - Highways England National Customer Champion Award

WINNER ... Paul Valentine