Meet the team

Hi I'm Paul

Paul Valentine, Director, SONAR ENGAGEMENT

Paul became an independent Highways Stakeholder and Customer Engagement specialist in January 2017 following a successful 25 year Police career in which he excelled in Partnership working, stakeholder management and problem solving.
Paul has since led Stakeholder and Customer Engagement plans for nmcn plc on behalf of Highways England – he was inspired to found Sonar Engagement, with the aim of being the leading UK agency that specialises exclusively in Highways projects.


Nakala Elliott- Carter, Associate Stakeholder Manager and Customer Engagement Specialist, SONAR ENGAGEMENT

Nikala has a proven background within Stakeholder and Community Engagement after many years in community safety, as an operational Police Officer, an Anti-social Behaviour (ASB) Specialist, a Resident Involvement Officer and within a strategic planning capacity in local authority.  Working more recently in a major national transport project, Nikala has the experience, knowledge and ability to deliver excellent stakeholder and community engagement for your project.

Hi I'm dave

Dave Horner, Public Liaison Officer, SONAR ENGAGEMENT

David became a Public Liaison Officer for Tarmac at the end of 2019 to work on the Birmingham PFI (Private Funding Initiative) to resurface a number of roads in Birmingham City and the surrounding West Midlands Region. David’s background is a successful 30-year career in Community Policing where he excelled in Community Engagement, Problem Solving, Partnership Working and Stakeholder Management. David has found that his previous experience has been invaluable in creating new partnerships and innovating new working methods and initiatives.

Hi I'm Neil

Neil Hallem, Public Liaison Officer, SONAR ENGAGEMENT

Neil began his career as a Local Authority lawyer, before changing direction and joining Nottinghamshire Police.During an interesting 23 year Police career, Neil excelled in Partnership Working and Community Engagement.The latter part of his career saw specialism in Professional Standards and Counter Terrorism. During his Police career, Neil built a parallel career in writing and photojournalism. Now, alongside Sonar Engagement, Neil is using his unique mix of skills to provide Customer Engagement for important highways projects

Hi I'm Kay

Kay Stevens, Public Liaison Officer, SONAR ENGAGEMENT

Kay Stevens is NMCN Limited Public Liaison Officer for Bridlington Sea Front regeneration.

Kay has a passion for making a difference, resolving issues and adding value though stakeholder management and by community engagement.

Kay has a training and development background and experience of working for the Police, Health and Charity sectors.


Alasdair Quinn, Public Liaison Officer, SONAR ENGAGEMENT

Alasdair became a Public Liaison Officer for Tarmac in May 2020 to work on the M1 J1-20 Misterton Scheme and then the A5 Redgate scheme.  Alasdair  enjoyed a  successful  30 year Police career and excelled in partnership working and community engagement. Alasdair enjoys  stakeholder management and problem solving and the skills developed within his Police career will enable him to engage positively with stakeholders and customers.

Hi I'm John

John McQuaid, Public Liaison Officer, SONAR ENGAGEMENT

John became a Public Liaison Officer for Kier to work on the Birmingham pfi initiative. John enjoyed a  successful  30 year Police career and excelled in problem solving and helping communities and excels at conflict resolution.

Hi I'm Syed

Syed Shah, MBA, MCIPR, Stakeholder and Community Engagement Equality, Diversity & Inclusiveness (EDI) lead

Syed utilises numerous working and ‘lived experiences’ as the former MET police Faith & Communities police officer for a large borough in London. He brings years of experience of working in Major Projects on behalf of Highways England as well as working on organisational EDI Steering Groups.


Syeds’ work in EDI in ‘harder to reach communities’ has been recognised by two National Construction EDI Awards in 2019.