What We Do

Design and implement customer and stakeholder management plans

We work on behalf of Highways England contractors, Local Authorities and private clients by developing comprehensive Stakeholder Management and Customer Engagement plans for successful Highways construction projects. One size doesn’t fit all - before you develop a plan, you need to know who your audience are - we research the location demographics and users of the roads and nearby customers to develop a broad stakeholder base. Only then can you decide the methods of communication best suited to engage with a broad range of diverse stakeholders and customers. We also carry out ‘horizon timeline scanning’ to identify dates and events that may impact the project and mitigate against them. Our successful approach articulates the benefits of the project and creates a tone of voice that is compelling and engaging to a broad range of different audiences, which helps builds trusted relationships and have ongoing open conversations.

Collaborate with media departments to raise awareness of key project messages

We work with Communication Teams and Project Managers to agree delivery methods of the Stakeholder and Engagement plans, which may include Public Information Events, Stakeholder presentations, Media engagement, letter mailing, face to face meetings, social media campaign and dedicated website. We keep track of our engagement activities and produce regular analysis and feedback.

Provide an ongoing cycle of engagement, Identifying risks and problem solving

We regularly review Stakeholder questions and concerns along with complaints and queries from customers. We also scan open source information, such as local media and social media, this way we are able to categorise and identify key themes and areas of risk and successes of the project.

Provide clients with valuable data and evidence of engagement

We utilise a proven problem solving model, which gathers and analyses information from stakeholders and customers and presents issues clearly and considers a range of responses and reflects on measures taken to successfully mitigate risk. This successful and effective problem solving model has been developed with Project Managers and Highways Teams over time.

Provide a high level of customer complaint resolution / satisfaction

Complaints and queries are responded to in a timely and professional manner and to the high standard expected of Highways England ‘reactive correspondence guidance’ our work, carried out on behalf of Highways England is regularly audited for compliance.

Develop and deliver corporate and social responsibility plans (CSR)

A simple question as to the success of any Highways Project could be “would we be welcomed back by this community again?” Community Engagement and positive legacy work is an important strand of any project, from ‘Inspiring engineers of the future’ through school visits to supporting local events or improving social capital, with our ear to the ground, we can help find and facilitate the ideal legacy project(s)